Blackstone Country Club

12101 West Blackstone Drive
Peoria, AZ 85383
(623) 707-8700

Blackstone Country Club Communities:

Single Family Homes



The Blackstone Country Club Golf Course in Vistancia, Peoria, may be quite a modern, recent addition to Arizona’s list of clubs, but it has built a strong membership base of keen players in the last 11 years. This 7,100 acre complex is home to an 18 hole, par 72 course designed by Jim Engh and has won many awards and recognitions from publications such as Golf Digest. General manager Scott Heideman is rightly proud of the club’s hospitality, approach and many facilities.

The first time that players come to the Arizona Blackstone Country Club for a game of golf, there are caught off guard by the speed of the ball on the greens and the design of the holes. The second time that players come here, they are keen to prove that they have learnt their lesson. Newcomers come to Blackstone and assume that they understand the lay of the land and what to expect from the holes. This is a par 72 course with many holes that look like simple shots with a 3 par target, but this is a challenging course. Many of the holes are deceptive in their shape and take a little practice – which is why so many players make return visits. A shift in perspective can make some holes look easy and can trip players up, while others look fiendish but have a certain trick to them. A great example of this the “volcano hole” at hole 7. This set-up has a massive green that slopes down on all sides and is contoured to send the ball into the centre. With the right shot, players can get a quick birdie, although it can all go wrong very quickly.

Each hole provides a fantastic view across the complex and some awe-inspiring scenes. Many players love the contrast of the lush greens against the arid landscape and appreciate being able to play on a great looking course that is so well maintained. Players can pause to take in the fresh air, sunshine and the grandeur of the state, but there is also a sense of escapism from the day-to-day life of Arizona – especially once users find the Hacienda-themed country club located in the middle of the vast landscape. The beautiful Blackstone Country club house is the ideal place to relax after a game and discuss the score over some food and drinks. The highly-recommended turkey sandwiches are just part of the menu and all food, drinks and services are provided by knowledgeable, friendly staff.