Golf Club at Estrella

11800 S. Golf Club Drive
Goodyear, AZ 85338
(623) 386-2600

Golf Club at Estrella Golf Communities:

Single Family Homes

It is every golfer’s wish to discover and be part of a golf course that will offer them more than just the obvious that is associated with the sport. If a spectacular view of hills and valleys gracing your surrounding is your kind of thing, then the Estrella Golf Course is an ideal choice. The perfect greens on the land and blue of the sky in the surrounding will trigger feelings of relaxation and bliss.

This breathtaking golf course is located along Estrella Parkway. You’ll be able to spot it right after you partake the hilly part of the road. An unforgettable landmark that will catch your eye as you drive up is of a large tower. This lights up beautifully hence creating a sparkly scene over the golf course. It is a piece of an architectural art that is designed to mimic the milky way. At this location, you will notice a lot of desert plants, such as the palo verde trees, saguaro cactus, barrel cactus as well as many other Sonora desert plants.

As you’d imagine, one of the many important factors that any golfer looks for is the size of the yard. The landscape of this 7,102 yard golf course is impressively diverse. It will offer you the opportunity to use every club in your bag by the time you get to the 18th hole. The course is well tended and adequately equipped with friendly staff who will make your experience memorable.

The Estrella Golf Course in Goodyear takes advantage of the natural terrain which is well contoured and strategically located. This definitely makes the golfing experience more challenging in a fun way.

The holes are unique and pose fun challenges for the golfers. They are not too easy or too torturous to bore you. Every golfer is given the option to play as per their skills. When you stand on a tee, you are faced with a variety of options of playing the hole. This is whereby every pro is graced with the opportunity of showcasing their signature skills.

This 18 hole, 72 par championship Phoenix golf course offers multiple tees in order to accommodate different playing levels. Each golfer is guaranteed to find a variety of options with the several shots over the natural desert and wash areas. The fairways blanket the breathtaking and natural contours with an equally splendid backdrop of the Sierra Estrella Mountains. While here, you will be treated like a champion with executive service at this golfing facility.