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11000 N. 103rd Ave |Sun City, AZ 85351 |623.876.3015


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Sun City South Golf Club was first opened in 1962. It is described as the best value in Phoenix area by Golf Magazine. Sun City South Golf Club underwent major renovation and redesigning in 2010. In addition to being a long playing course, it is also plush green and ambient for visitors. It has fully functional snack shops that serve everything from lunch, breakfast to beverages. It is surrounded by three major executive golf courses, two of which are 18-hole and one 9-hole.


The golf fees vary depending on whether you are a card holder or a guest. Guests pay daily green fee of $12- $39 while card holders pay $10- $30. The annual fee for non-residents costs $2,000- $2,500 for no-golf cart and with-golf cart respectively. It is also privileged to have a few water hazards on some holes.

The golf course is lined with trees that provide good shade during summer and also ensure there is a breath of fresh air. For the golf beginner there are experienced trainers on site that offer effective lessons for first-timers. The golf course also offers both temporal and permanent handicap permits. This is important as it allows people with disabilities to have access to the golf resources. The golf course is usually private in winter but is opened to the public during summer. You need to book for tee times 5 days in advance. This is for RCSC cardholders.
The Sun City South Golf Club is easily accessible by a short drive from Phoenix metro area.